BCS OR (please) BUST

With all the controversy of things like Boise state not making it to a bcs bowl again, big east having an automatic bcs bid and people are even wondering why Virginia Tech got into the Allstate Sugar Bowl. All of these things and more are making people, once again, talk about changing the system. Many fans, schools, coaches, even some espn analysts are tired of the bcs. Boise states head coach, Chris Peterson wasn’t afraid to share his opinion at a press conference after the owls were announced. “It doesn’t make any sense. It is really bad.” He goes on to say how he tried to make the best case for Boise when he voted. Then he immediately turned around and said how he shouldn’t even be voting in the first place. Boise State (11-1) is ranked number 7 in the bcs but because they only had one loss they didn’t get to play in a bcs bowl game and you could even say that none of their games mattered then at that point. Something else that a lot of people are wanting to change is (if the bcs stays) the big east getting an automatic bcs bid. The West Virginia mountaineers were the best team in the big east this year… But they are ranked 23rd. If your conference didn’t have an automatic bid you would need to be at least 14. The big east teams that have played in these bowls lately have not played good, at all.

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